15: Blood And Roses

Patrice’s plan was simple:

02-02-18_10-10-51 PM

Work your ass off.

02-02-18_11-08-54 PM

Keep your head down.

02-04-18_2-20-54 PM

Be friendly, but don’t get over-involved.

Keep an eye on your competition.

And wait.

Maybe because she did such a good job of not rocking the boat, she had plenty of opportunities to observe the changing politics in the warehouse.

02-04-18_2-19-42 PM

Marcus kept trying to charm his way into Lani’s pants. Or maybe just her good graces, if Patrice gave him the benefit of the doubt.

02-04-18_2-33-46 PM

Dustin had better luck. Maybe because he honestly liked Lani. Girls could tell shit like that.

02-04-18_2-49-23 PM

02-04-18_2-49-31 PM

Jeremy kept trying to find the right time to confess his attraction to Lani. And not finding it.

02-04-18_2-53-04 PM

02-04-18_2-53-32 PM

02-04-18_2-53-49 PM

When he did eventually manage to blurt it out, it was a little too late.

Patrice actually felt bad for Jeremy. And while she liked Lani well enough, she thought the girl’s taste in men was off. Jeremy wasn’t exactly Patrice’s type, but he had a certain lanky, sweet guy sex appeal.

Dustin, being Dustin, felt awful about accidentally stealing his friend’s crush. No one believed he did it on purpose.

02-04-18_2-54-30 PM

02-04-18_3-23-05 PM

Patrice was pretty sure the guys would work things out.

And then there was Rima. Everywhere everyone turned. In everyone’s face.

02-04-18_3-05-33 PM

02-04-18_3-12-51 PM

02-04-18_3-19-26 PM

02-04-18_3-19-12 PM

Bide your time.

But Patrice thought the time for biding might be about over.

02-04-18_3-31-35 PM



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