Table of Contents

Loud voices, and not-so-quiet hearts.

(Contains mature language and situations, although no graphic violence or explicit sex.)

1: Ginny

2: The Warehouse

3: Starting Out

4: Phillip

5: The Contestants

6: Hyperventilate

7: Arrival

8: Are You Ready

9: I’m Only Here to Disappoint

10: Hunter

11: I Lied My Face Off

12: You And What Army?

13: The Melancholy Empire

14: One Of These Days

15: Blood And Roses

16: Death Or Glory

17: Fine

18: Move Along

19: Life To Come

20: Angels Tonight

21: Because The Night

22: Flesh And Bone

23: Crawl

24: Another Innocent Girl

25: No Surrender

26: Dept. of False Hope

27: Between A Laugh And A Tear

28: Bored To Death

29: High On The Music


Author’s Notes:

If you’re following along, welcome!

This story is mostly gameplay-driven. I’m not entirely pleased with how generally happy Sims are in TS4, so I will often take things that seem to be happening naturally and crank up the effect with cheats and/or manual play, just to watch the fireworks keep things interesting. And once I’ve interpreted what’s going on with my Sims, I’ll go back and stage screenshots if needed.

Loud Voices came about because I had a couple of different challenges I wanted to try, but I also wanted to do something that could become an ongoing soap drama-y kind of thing if I wanted it to, but I also wanted to incorporate the whole music scene deal. Now I get to find out if I can make it work, and you either get to witness a cool story or a massive train wreck of an idea.

There are several pieces of cc which are used, mostly the assorted musical gear and a few CAS odds and ends. I plan on putting together a list so I can give credit to the creators and links for anyone interested. Working on it!

This story updates pretty much whenever I feel like it. I tend to play a hefty chunk out in game and then write it all up in however many posts it takes. I’ve started scheduling posts instead of publishing 3-4 in one fell swoop. We’ll see how that goes.